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eloops loopSHOP Modul



"loopSHOP" Modul Produkte selbstständig

anlegen, verwalten und

online verkaufen. Der

Einkäufer kauft bequem

mit dem benutzerfreund- lichen Warenkorb ein.


eloops loopCRM Modul






"loopCRM" Modul Mit dem innovativen


Management (kurz CRM)

verwalten und bearbeiten

Sie Ihre Kontakte und

Kunden online. Das System bietet speziell für KMUs viele

weitere hilfreiche Funktionen!


What does it mean for the end user?

It is no longed needed to read crazy twisted letters and numbers and type them in - by using our smart protection engine we can both protect our clients from spam, and offer highest usability and accessibility to our visitors.


What does it mean for our clients?

The no-captcha loopCMS engine is a collection of php and javascript scripts, as well as html tricks, that is targeted to protect web forms from spambots, by obfuscating the form and mutating the inputs in random manner, so that spambot authors, even if they are able to develop a workaround to the system, they will have to rewrite it again and again every few hours, because the code will mutate itself at fixed intervals. Combined with anti-spam software server side that will filter out the messages, and anti-spam software at the receiving end of the email receivers, our engine should recude the probability of any spam coming from the protected web forms to a minimum.